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Elisabetta Piu, architect
She is an architect who lives and works in Rome.
Her interest in art started in high school, when she attended the liceo artistico, followed by courses in the academy of arts in Rome.
In 1980 she graduated from the university of Rome La Sapienza, majoring in architecture, and she started her professional career while she was improving her knowledge of contemporary art.
Her artistic efforts have continued over the years in a fruitful interplay with her architectural background.
She strives to create a relationship between her artwork and the space that sustains it, with a modular composition of the canvas with the use of colours that flood her paintings, separating then from the monochromatic surfaces that host them.
Among her works, the largest ones have graphic impact and dominate the space by using the walls as its background.
In her smaller pieces of art the chromatic patterns reveal chapters of life, feeling, moments; the expansion, concentration, intensification of the colour, walks the observer through the evolution of the artist’s emotion, and when the design fades and nearly disappears the observer is compelled to mesh and complete those emotions with his own.
Her work appear in public and private collections. She takes part in exhibitions including the biennali in Italy and abroad, in addition her work is in numerous catalogues and art publications.


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